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Aspect- A geometric relationship between two planets expressed in the number of degrees the planets are distant from one another and the shape they inscribe on the celestial sphere behind them.

Classically, aspects are associated very heavily with both optical science and geometry and the aspectual relationship between two planets is described with words synonymous with sight such as planets "seeing" or "regarding" one another. Each of the aspects are also associated with a particular planetary nature and shape; the sextile is associated with Venus and the hexagon, squares are associated with Mars and the square, trines are associated with Jupiter and the triangle, and the opposition is associated with Saturn and the line. The conjunction is not technically an aspect in the strictest sense of the term, but is often treated like one.

Please see the entries for the individual aspects for further information. Astrological Magic- A branch of astrology that focuses on utilizing astrological correspondences or timing principles within a magical practice. Astrological magic primarily focuses on the creation of talismans, but is also used for ritual work, remediation, and propitiation.

Well grounded, calm, and steady moods

Astrometeorology- A sub-branch of mundane astrology that uses astrological principles to describe or predict weather and climate patterns. The barren signs are Gemini, Leo, and Virgo. Most often used as a title to refer to the planets Jupiter and Venus. They are generally helpful to the areas of a chart they are associated with and can even alleviate the difficult placements of other planets if they are configured to them properly.

What is “Exaltation”? Why is Jupiter Exalted in Cancer?

The besieged planet is stressed and afflicted, as if stuck between a rock and a hard place. See also Veneration. These signs are adaptable and can often assume many forms or indicate a multiplicity. Afflictions of planets in these signs may indicate deformities or weaknesses in individuals. The term comes from the Latin "cadens" meaning "to fall" as cadent houses represent the place an angular planet will immediately move to.

Cadent houses represent areas of powerlessness or struggle and planets placed here will have a hard time being heard or fulfilling their jobs. Cancer- The fourth sign of the zodiac, represented by the figure of the crab. Capricorn- The tenth sign of the zodiac, represented by the figure of the goatfish.

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Cardinal- A modality of the signs that is indicative of activity, energy, and forward motion but with a tendency to run out of steam. Within certain contexts cardinal signs can indicate events that move forward quickly, but do not last a long time. This makes an emphasis on cardinal signs unattractive in marriages and construction. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

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The first day of Spring occurs when the Sun moves into Aries, the Sun enters Cancer on the first day of Summer, Libra on the first day of Autumn, and Capricorn on the first day of Winter. Also called Moveable. Cazimi- Occurs when a planet is within 16' of the Sun. Considered to be a wonderfully strong position like being seated with a king on his throne. Indicates the rebirth point in a planet's synodic cycle. Celestial Equator - An astronomical circle defined by the Earth's equator projected outwards into space. The resulting line divides the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres.

In house division, the celestial equator is often used to get a sense of diurnal motion via the Earth's rotation. The celestial equator also interacts with the path of the Sun to produce the seasons. If the Sun is above the celestial equator, it is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere.

Medieval philosophy postulated the spheres were crystalline in substance or else made of a fifth element. The term "celestial sphere" may also be used to refer to the whole of the sky as it envelopes the Earth. Chaldean Order- A system of ordering the planets based on the average speed that each planet moves. The system starts with the slowest planet Saturn and moves to the quickest Moon. This organizational system is used to set the planets into their spheres in the Ptolemaic or Geocentric model of the universe.

Please see The Medieval Universe for more information. Combustion- Occurs when a planet is within 7. This represents the critical or terminal point within the synodic cycle when a planet nears a symbolic death. These are sometimes called "applications by body" and suggest that the two planets physically blend together, mixing their natures and significations together. Twelve star groups that cross the ecliptic are called "zodiac constellations". These constellations should not be confused with the zodiac signs that share their name as a sign and a constellation are not the same thing.

When these configurations occur, that period of time is a critical day and can indicate rapid and significant developments in the course of the illness such as the infirm person's condition improving or deteriorating. Of particular concern are the Moon's aspects in the critical days chart; aspects with benefics can indicate stabilization and recovery while aspects with malefics can indicate a worsening condition.

These paroxysms occurred regularly on the third or fourth day which is why they were designated names like tertian and quatrain fevers and it would not have taken astrologers long to see a connection between these recurrent intervals and the phases of the Moon. Dark Houses- Houses that are naturally lack an aspectual connection with the Ascendant. These houses twelfth, eighth, sixth, and second typically signify more destructive or hidden areas of life. Decumbiture- From the Latin "decumbo" which means "to lie down or fall".

The decumbiture is a specialized chart of medical astrological technique which is drawn up for the first moment the patient feels so overtaken by their illness they must lie down. This chart can be used to diagnose the disease, develop a prognosis, and create and administer treatments. The time of an individual first taking to bed is often not available, in such cases there are other times which may also be used for the decumbiture chart. Astrological physicians would often take this moment as constituting a decumbiture chart.

These aspects occur in harmony with diurnal motion and are thought to be more overt and constructive. The domesticated signs are those with the image of a tamed or docile beast; Taurus and Capricorn. This planet has more control over the quality and outcome of the aspect. Malefic planets dominating cause more harm, while benefic planets bring about more positive outcomes.

Domicile- The most powerful form of essential dignity a planet can have. These placements manifest as strong and lasting planetary effects. Usually referred to as "rulership" in contemporary astrological practice. The Sun is in domicile in Leo, for example.

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For more information about domiciles and the classical dignity scheme in general, please see Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets. Ecliptic- The apparent path of the Sun around the Earth, followed by the Sun and the other planets.

This line determines the zodiacal belt and passes through twelve major constellations that share their name with the signs of the zodiac. Planets in higher degrees of essential dignity are more capable of bringing about what they signify in a good way or completely. For example, having a dignified ruler of the first house means that planet will be more successful in providing health. For more information about exaltation and the classical dignity scheme in general, please see Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets.

Planets in their exaltation are often characterized as the honored guests in someone else's home. Practically, these positions often manifest as reaching great heights, but are inconsistent in their ability to provide what they promise, making them something like planetary rollercoasters. This lack of stability is the reason why astrologers regard exaltation as generally less desirable than domicile.

What It Means When the Moon Is in Taurus in Astrology

Face- The weakest form of planetary dignity, often characterized as someone who is about to be "thrown out of doors". Not a very effective form of dignity by itself. The Faces are themselves derived from the Decans which is a name they are often referred to as , an Egyptian Calendric system of 10 day periods of time. These often served religious or ritual significance associated with various gods or spirits. The Decans survive mainly as a tool in the astrological magic tradition. Planets in their falls are said to have a weakening or numbing influence over the things they signify in a chart.

They may also be areas of life that are literally overlooked. Often seen as bullying or snobbish in their relationships with others.