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The Waterbearer has a glam, aloof side, but with social ease that's like a glass of sparkling water to the Lion. The warmth of Leo brings out the best in Aquarius -- both have a tendency to be eternal optimists.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

The glass of bubbly is half-full for this love match. Though openly affectionate, the Lion is intrigued by the remote cool of the Waterbearer. Aquarius is charmed by the Sun-ruled Leo's big personality and highly developed sense of personal style.

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Both have an aura of self-containment that makes them a sought-after pair. They want to look good and are often trendsetters in their circles. They'll enjoy going to the hotspots to mingle with cultured, fun-loving people. They're supportive of career ambitions, understanding the need to single-mindedly follow inspiration. As fixed signs , they dig into their chosen fields and can feel anchored together in their respective pursuits. As a polarity on the Zodiacal wheel, they prove that opposites attract, with huge growth potential for the effort.

Keep in mind that Leo and Aquarius are on either side of the Zodiac wheel. That means there's a potential to grow together -- as Zodiac opposites -- or to experience extremes as the pendulum swings wildly to either side.

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A big difference has to do with the experience of the Self. Leo's sole purpose is to celebrate the Self and express its uniqueness through personal creativity. Aquarius, on the other hand, has a persona woven into the collective, and always sees through the vision of "all of us. When the light is just right, these are complementary.

But Leo could find Aquarius too remote, and not showing enough respect for the unique individual that he or she is. And yet, Aqua shows Leo how to place life goals within a bigger frame. They show the in-the-moment Lion how to forecast into the future, and take risks on the new and experimental. Leo brings Aqua into the personal and shines a light on what makes him or her one-of-a-kind.

Are Geminis and Aquarius sexually compatible? Moreover, you will find it very easy to amuse your intelligence and creativity into sex.

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You could introduce some creative styles that could spice up the sexual life. Most of the time, your intimate relationship is not just for having fun alone, but it is an emotional connection between you guys. Gemini and Aquarius marriage will always response to the intellectualism of your relationship. What would only make you go into a relationship with someone is the assurance of the fact that such person is knowledgeable?

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Aquarius?

Moreover, you both are free and not restricted by any form of impediment due to your element. As a result of this, you could have sex anywhere. Saturn happens to be the symbol for Karma while Uranus is the symbol of rebellion. On the other hand, Mercury is a symbol of communication to your lover.

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The combination of your lover will make you very proactive and progressive. In addition to this, determination and originality are the reasons for the combination of your planets. You are going to be very successful in life as a result of your imagination and ideas. Apart from this, your lover will become a good humanitarian.

You are a great and creative thinker that is very intelligent and understanding. Gemini and Aquarius in bed are going to be very wonderful. This is because you and your lover are of the same element.

You are of the air sign just like your lover. You are both going to be very social and you will be free. Apart from this, you are a friendly fellow and quick-witted. You are also capable of impressing people around you with your mental agility. On the other hand, your lover is very caring and understanding.

Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Aquarius

In addition to this, Gemini and Aquarius sun signs will find it very easy to go into an argument with each other. Often time, this argument provides an avenue to learn rather than an avenue to win. In fact, both of you have a long list of things and interest to talk to. Your love for debates and good talk would satisfy with the long discussion, and experience you garner together with your lover.

It is the case that you expect to learn more about each other and understand your differences. The knowledge of your differences will reduce the number of time you engage yourself in a conflict. Apart from this, both of you are very intelligent. You both often find a way of combining the skills you both possess to pursue some lucrative projects.

Your relationship will also be useful because your lover is always ready to make the relationship lively and fun filled for you. In addition to this, your lover always prepares to engage you in arguments in a bid to satisfy your taste and to teach you many things. Gemini and Aquarius love compatibility could find each other in a relationship where emotion and compassion are liking.

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