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  • Today’s Horoscope : Tuesday, 12 November!
  • Today's Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222.

Easier vibes will flow at AM when the Moon connects with Venus. Surprises will arrive at PM when the Moon opposes Uranus. The Moon is in fellow Air sign Libra for most of the day, putting you in an easygoing mood, despite some uneasy energy you may have woken up to this morning.

Virgo 25th February 2019 Weekly Astrology

Tonight, the Moon enters Scorpio and illuminates the sector of your chart that rules worldly success. The Moon enters fellow Water sign Scorpio this evening, encouraging you to do one of your favorite things: explore.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – February 12222

Take yourself someplace unusual this evening and learn something new. Intense feelings in your relationships arrive this morning, but things will smooth over as the day goes on. Tonight, the Moon enters sexy, mysterious Scorpio, illuminating the intimacy sector of your chart. The Moon in Libra connects with your planetary ruler Venus this morning, creating good vibes at work.

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Your focus shifts to your partnerships this evening when the Moon enters Scorpio. The Moon is in fellow Air sign Libra for most of today, putting you in a fun, romantic, and creative mood; however, when the Moon enters Scorpio this evening, your focus will turn to your responsibilities.

Monthly Horoscope Virgo February 12222

Intense emotions will flare up this morning. Read the weekly partner horoscope Meeting romantic candidates through pals is very likely this week for single Virgo s and if you are committed or married, you might want to be rather careful how things 'come off looking'. Other than that, this is an excellent week to enjoy common hobbies, passions and pursuits with your good buddies. Many of you have been working on 'slowly taking yourself up stairs' and working for promotions in finance, power or control.

Or your situation may be more 'temporary' than you had hoped.

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  8. You may have felt a little under the weather lately, but this week, you'll exude personal magnetism. You'll be invited to a social gathering.

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    You'll have the opportunity to network with some new contacts. You may meet potential new mate, professionally.

    Someone you care about may not be completely honest with you. Be careful of one sided infatuations. Be very discreet with co-workers.

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope – February

    Do not jeopardize your honor or your reputation. Beware of romantic encounters that are not really as they seem. Ever wonder how your dog got his funny habits? Or why your new kitten is so quirky? The answers could be determined by their date of birth and how astrology affects their character. Astrology can play an important part in your pet's life.

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