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So I really just hopped off this account for 3 years. You guys played games, watched movies and ate some really delicious foods that D. Fun fact: we deliver faster than Amazon. But EXO proved that wrong and continued climbing their way up to the top and become one of the most successful bestselling artists in the Korean pop industry. As predicted, we played basketball a lot and like it so our stamina is a bit higher.

KPop Merchandise World is the ultimate online KPop merchandise store that's packed with the most awesome goods that you've ever seen. It all comes down. We will be updating this blog regularly with new, ongoing and classic Sebaek fics. You enjoyed it. Also, stop trying to be the perfect friend because that kinda feels off to people. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Who is currently ruining your bias list?

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If you get stalked by your bias in a sasaeng way,how will you react to it?. Originally posted by baekhyuntella. He is currently in a smaller company and is preparing to debut in another boyband. We remind you that editing fantaken data is strictly prohibited. Originally posted by katherine One should never vacation when Exo has a comeback kpop kpop meme kpop moodboard the fuck did i do i have a problem but theyre so cute winwin is adorable sicheng.

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However, if a video you subbed is linked here and you have an issue with it, please contact us and we will remove it. What is your take on it? I personally feel as though it is a huge problem. EXO gained the inspiration to their name from exoplanet which stands for the sun and a superior planet, doubling onto that is the meaning of having new stars coming from an unknown planet. If you guys like we can make a vote? The options are: Chanyeol Xiumin Gdragon.

An unintentionally dreamy starer. We are here to provide real-time updates as well as serve as an archive of all past, current, and future events. He knows that you are a bit crazy but that was a totally new level of craziness. When you sit up he would try to hide his bulge. Unfortunately we won't answer questions regarding EDs, illnesses, rape, abuse, suicide and so. He loves everything about you, honestly. Originally posted by wooyoung. I have no problem in making this material available, but the only thing I ask is for respect. You roll your eyes and punch him good-naturedly.

Focus on your groups and stop trying so hard to destroy others.

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EXO Problems is not considered a confession blog, if you have any problems with in exo as in you can't tell the difference between members and things along those lines. The art collection came to being by both purchases and donations and contains classical, modern and contemporary artworks in a variety of media.

The book collection contains considerable material about the history of the Rijksakademie and the Prix de Rome, and there is an extensive contemporary section covering all the disciplines that are important within the realm of art, such as philosophy and sociology. The collection has always been used by the Rijksakademie artists as a source of information for their research, and sometimes also as an integral part of their work.

To emphasize this interactive role of the Rijksakademie collection and make this transparent, Rijksakademie asked Johannes Schwartz to visualize the interactive connection between the Rijksakademie residents and the collection and reinterpret the collection in his own artistic manner. As part of the creation process, Schwartz went through the Rijksakademie collection with his camera, and looked into every depot, closed drawer and hidden shelf. Subsequently he created fragmental photographs of the collection and brought historical artworks and books together in five photographic diptychs: on the left part a fragment of one of the historical sculptures is depicted, on the right part a mirrored and faded out image of a book from the collection.

When asked about the connection between the sculptures and the books that he combines within the diptychs, Schwartz explains that the connections he made are intuitively since he went through the collection as a creator and not as a researcher. What Schwartz wanted to bring forward himself is the dynamic relation between the library and the artworks from the collection and gives the contemporary art practices at the Rijksakademie a visible, historical context for the public. But rather than just depicting fragments of the collection, Schwartz made subtle changes, by mirroring and fading the images of the books, and thus brings forward his own vision on the practice of reinterpreting.

The Rijksakademie asked Dirk Laucke a couple of questions for an extra insight. Rijksakademie : what did you take as a starting point for this design and what aspects did you constantly keep in mind during the working process? Dirk Laucke : To begin with, designing is always a reaction on everything that has already been.

Either consciously or unconsciously. So I started off with this advertisement-like notion of screaming as loud as we can: Rijksakademie opens! At the same time I realized there are more layers to it which have nothing to do with advertising. Namely, the Rijksakademie, as an institute, needs a descent stage, like the catalogue needs to be a stage to represent the resident artists. A good design must never give itself away completely. This mouth creates many associations. They rather work with a more subtle system of style elements.

Within this logo design I could have looked for more refinement but I like to keep an element of discomfort. I think that the work needs some sort of roughness and discomfort, which is something else than ugly.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

DL: Yes. I think the mouth can speak perfectly well for all the 46 artists. But I think graphic design has to stay far away from what art is and what art has to say. Instead I only intervene with the discipline of communication. Check the website for the full program.

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RijksakademieOPEN is almost ready to start! Upcoming weekend 29 — 30 November 49 residents open their studios to the public. This year there will be no blog reports on Tumblr. Instead, we are very happy to announce our very unique and special Rijksakademie Radio! The Rijksakademie Radio is on air with residents, alumni, advisors and guests this Friday, Saturday and Sunday between — hours. Listen live and back to the recordings on www. More information here. Where she formerly used abstract Rorschach looking imagery she now increasingly converts her work towards a more figurative idiom.

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She combines body transfers — direct prints of her body — on photograms and on various sorts of textiles with poems. In an attempt to raise a corner of the veil I met Vukovic at her studio. When I enter the room the first thing I notice is a play of sunrays on scattered plates laying on the floor. The plates are covered with dust and partially mirror the works on the wall. On one wall white sheets contain indexical signs of forearms.

A red curtain hides a work from view. Textiles playfully hide part of works, revealing more clearly those sections that are visible. I look at her work and my curiosity arouses, what do these veils conceal? Over time, your paintings have evolved from largely flat objects to works that are increasingly part of the space; physical structures.

You could say it was some kind of an object already. At a certain point I started to feel repulsed by what it becomes when put on a stretcher. Your work consistently makes use of the hand, an integral part of the body when it comes to human interactions, how did that idea start? Recently I rediscovered these images and although one of them was a completely white negative, I started scanning it and parts of an image did become visible. It turned out to be a picture of people in a procession-like order taking out furniture and documents out of the Parliament to keep it safe.

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There was a hand surfacing from the dark background that appeared to expand beyond the context of this picture. It could be photosensitive capture of some kind of fresco - or like a ghost. I took it out as a key, connecting to the rest of my work.

The hand is a very powerful symbol and emotionally charged. In what way should we look at your body transfers? The meaning of these draperies is spiritual in suggestion. I would rather think of the textiles as shrines and perhaps make a comparison with the Veil of Veronica, a relic of a piece of cloth, which, according to legend, bears the likeness of the face not made by human hand. The photograms are a negatively way of transferring images, such as directly transferring my body on photographic paper.

I also like the reference to prehistoric bog bodies, mummified bodies that kept conserved in peat bogs for centuries and every now and then disturbingly unearth into our time raising all these questions. Above is one of the poems Vukovic integrated in her work. Popa is ridiculing death while looking it straight in the eyes. A recurring topic in his poems is a transition from abstract to figurative and from abstract to words.